Donald Trump’s goons begin eating each other alive as Trump circles the drain

There comes a point in every movement where the wheels start falling off. When it’s a conservative movement, that’s when its leaders start eating each other alive, each in the hope they’ll be the one to survive the debacle. With Donald Trump’s 2020 poll numbers getting uglier by the day, we’re now seeing his own movement turn on itself in striking, and in some ways darkly humorous, fashion.

For instance, this past week we’ve seen former Trump White House adviser Anthony Scaramucci finally come out swinging against Donald Trump. Why now, more than two year after Trump fired him? Maybe the Mooch had an epiphany. Or maybe he’s doing it for the same reason Fox News goon Geraldo Rivera is finally turning sharply against Trump: now that Trump is in freefall, there’s a career opportunity for those on the far right who kick Trump on his way down.

The whole thing has, of course, become a farce. Over the weekend, even as Geraldo was attacking Trump for being horrible, and Scaramucci was attacking Trump for being horrible, Geraldo was also attacking Scaramucci for not having come out against Trump sooner. It’s as if only one of them is going to land the gig of “Trump’s chief critic on the right” and they’re trying to race each other to see who gets it. This all came even as racist game show host Chuck Woolery was attacking Geraldo for attacking racist reality show host Donald Trump.


No one should necessarily care what any of these people has to say – but that’s not the point. What matters is that as Donald Trump continues to crater, pro-Trump voices are torn between sticking with him and turning against him. The resulting food fight is what happens when a ship of fools starts to sink, and its captain is drowning.

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