Donald Trump and his goon squad are in over their heads

What happens when an addled and increasingly desperate president wants to use the phony threat of a land war in Iran to distract everyone from his worsening criminal scandals, even as his bloodthirsty National Security Adviser angles for an actual war with Iran, even as they collectively rely on the most inept henchmen in the history of the American government? We’re now seeing that answer play out.

Donald Trump and John Bolton and their goon squad are trying to push a united message when it comes to Iran. It’s not working. For one thing, the Trump regime has done such a disastrous job of maintaining relationships with America’s allies, it has no hope of any international cover. It’s not surprising that the British military leadership has quickly pointed out that there is no escalated threat coming from Iran whatsoever, thus making it much harder for the Trump regime to sell its cockamamie story about the sudden need to take military action.

This comes even as the New York Times and Washington Post are reporting on the dissent within the Trump regime about whether they really want to invade Iran, or if they want to use the phony threat of invading Iran as a distraction. No kidding. Considering that Trump and Bolton have never been on the same page when it comes to war, this isn’t exactly a surprising revelation.

Then again, Donald Trump and John Bolton have just about nothing in common when it comes to military policy. Trump, a traitor, wants to just do whatever Putin and Saudi Arabia tell him to do. Bolton, a violent racist maniac, wants to kill as many Muslims as possible. The only thing Trump and Bolton have in common is their shared use of Cambridge Analytica – in fact Trump hired Bolton just days after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal exploded – and perhaps that’s the story everyone should be focusing on here.

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