Goodbye Roger Stone!

It’s not coincidence that many of the biggest political scandals of the past fifty years have involved Roger Stone. He’s a career criminal, fraudster, and blackmail artist who always seems to narrowly escape even as those around him go down. He was finally convicted of multiple felonies in 2019, but he played his last space on the bingo card by forcing a hobbled Trump to pardon him.

Then just weeks later, apparently feeling invincible, Roger Stone played a key role in the domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol. He even went so far as to hire two Oath Keepers terrorists to serve as his bodyguard and driver during the attack. Things got ugly for Stone when both those men were criminally indicted last month. Now it’s taken a really ugly turn for Stone.

The two Stone-connected Oath Keepers were just hit with superseding conspiracy indictments, on top of the existing charges they were facing. This establishes that Stone’s co-conspirators were in fact part of the Capitol attack conspiracy. This kicks the door wide open for Stone to be hit with conspiracy charges. It’s no longer a question of if, but when.

This is on top of the fact that Roger Stone appears to have been some kind of go-between for Matt Gaetz and politician Joel Greenberg in Florida. Greenberg has been charged with a number of crimes including underage sex trafficking; Gaetz is being investigated for the same. We’ll see if Stone goes down in that scandal as well. But Stone now seems a lock for criminal charges in the Capitol attack – and Trump isn’t around to pardon him this time.

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