Good riddance!

The majority of Trump voters apparently now want to secede from the Union. My God, what a temptation. Think of the paradise they would leave behind: We could all be kind to each other and tolerant; we could make accommodation for those of us who don’t fit into an imagined society that never really existed; we could keep our economy from being ruined by selfish, greedy Republican elitism; we could have our hospitals free for those of us who are ill through no fault of their own; we could reduce or eliminate mass shootings; we could say, “Merry Christmas,” or whatever floats your boat around holiday season and no one will be offended and it will end that Fox News myth forever; women could control their own bodies without being in bondage to unwanted pregnancies; and lastly, we could cease to cringe whenever we see too much red, white and blue, or hear about someone proclaiming to be a Christian.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see one of the world’s great religions, Christianity, return to what Jesus preached instead of what some mean, pretty white girl with a cross around her neck rails about? And I’d like the US flag back. Yahoos in pickups don’t own the red, white, and blue, BTW, so I’d like to see less of the US flag adorning them and more of it adorning actual patriotic Americans.

Some people have suggesting giving them Texas as a country. That’s wrong because the major cities in Texas are Blue. It’s a state that’s actually very democratic for the majority of its people. So, no, we don’t want to give them Texas. But what we do want is to help them emigrate to Russia. Trump could rule over them there with his BFF Putin and be dictator forever. They could practice their religion in the Russian Orthodox Church, oblivious to the country’s corruption of it, and they could eke out a living there doing good, honest work, breaking their backs for small wages and heading home to their two room hovel in time to water the vegetable garden because what the hell are they going to eat all winter?


Seriously. They want freedom and Russia will make them free. Please let’s pass legislation immediately in order to finance this process. Then we can get on with being the UNITED States, living by our Constitution, and enjoying the land of the free, which the rest of us recognize is not free from responsibility. Who’s with us?

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