Good news from the Biden administration today

Although the media has largely been focused on the drama of President Biden’s legislation stalling in Congress, while not really informing the public on how significant it is, it largely goes unnoticed that Monday was a pretty good day when it comes to the Biden administration and economic policy. Not only did the stock market set new records, something that the current administration doesn’t really make a habit of tweeting about, but we’ve reached an important milestone when it comes to healthcare as well.

It sounds like the distant past when Donald Trump and his administration were looking to abolish Obamacare once and for all, but it was one of the aggressive long term goals of the former guy’s administration and it’s still a priority for the GOP that would gladly do it if given the mandate. Despite the regular rhetoric of trying to say both parties are the same – this is just one of many places where Republicans and Democrats are fundamentally different – as open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act opened Monday with average premiums down to $67 a month – delivering healthcare to four million more Americans who live in states that have yet to expand healthcare under the law.


While the gradual slide towards a deal with infrastructure in BBB and BIF seems interminable, today was a solid reminder of why we voted for Democrats – and it should be a reminder for everyone volunteering for political campaigns this year and next year to emphasize to voters. It was due to President Biden that nine million more Americans can afford healthcare this year than last year – and with increased majorities in Congress, it’s possible for healthcare to expand even further, while making it much more difficult for the GOP to dismantle.

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