Good news for the Democrats

While President Biden and the Democrats are feeling extreme pressure to pass legislation in infrastructure and voting rights as definitive accomplishments when they have a trifecta of power, it could give some perspective to look back at where we were three or four years ago at this time when Republicans had the trifecta and yet were still unable to deliver on their big promise: a cheaper and better alternative to Obamacare once they repealed it. They never did manage to repeal and the law itself surged in popularity, even though their majority was much greater than what the Democrats now have in both chambers.

During this last enrollment period, a record number of people signed up for healthcare plans under the Affordable Care Act – 4.6 million Americans to be exact – making the law considerably more popular than it was when it was first passed over a decade ago. It only grew its support with each right-wing effort to kill off the legislation with repeals and legal challenges, even when it comes to Supreme Court justices who were determined to reverse it.


Of course, it’s also helped that the last relief package passed by Democrats has successfully lowered the premiums that its recipients pay through the CARES Act. By expanding the Democratic majority in the Senate, it could be possible to further expand Obamacare even larger – something that could be critical in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Of course, this can only be obtained by coming out to vote in the 2022 midterms and beyond – so let’s do what we can to build up turnout and register as many new voters as we can.

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