Good news for Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is coming up on a crucial moment. He’s asked Donald Trump to testify about the Trump-Russia scandal, which means that whether Trump goes along with it or not, the obstruction of justice portion of the investigation is essentially complete. Mueller now has to make big decisions about how to bring criminal charges against Trump, and whether to try to go through Congress or through a court of law. The good news for Mueller: things just got easier for him.

For the past few weeks, Trump and his allies have been playing offense against Mueller. They’ve been remarkably inept about it, trying everything from the Nunes memo to mischaracterizing FBI text messages, and none of it has gotten them any yardage at all. But still, if you’re rooting for Mueller, you’d rather Trump and his people not be in a position to play offense. In such case your wish has just been granted.

Thanks to the poorly timed Rob Porter domestic violence scandal and John Kelly coverup scandal, Trump and his White House are now being forced to play defense every day. The daily press briefings are all about the Porter scandal. Trump’s people appear to be sitting around all day trying to come up with new excuses and misrepresentations to try to fend off the scandal. Some of Trump’s people are now trying to figure out how to keep their jobs. Trump himself is reportedly obsessed with how the Porter scandal is playing out in the media.

None of these people are in position to play offense against Robert Mueller, because they’re all frantically playing defense in the Porter scandal. This is occurring just as Mueller is prepping his big moves against Trump. The timing couldn’t be any worse for Trump’s side, which means that the timing couldn’t be any better for Mueller’s side.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report