The real reason Donald Trump is going down

Now that his phony “exoneration” from his allies on the House Intel Committee has landed with a thud this week and failed to change a single mind in the court of public opinion, Donald Trump is running out of options. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is quickly moving in on his current and former inner circle, and Trump has just a few swings left to try to stop the Trump-Russia scandal from taking him down. Here’s how we know it will fact take him down.

Trump has spent the past several months targeting FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. He’s tweeted insults and threats at McCabe. He’s spun bizarre conspiracy theories about McCabe. Now we’re learning today from the New York Times that Trump has his Justice Department engaged in an all-out effort to hurry up and fire McCabe before he can retire, in order to take his pension away (link). So what does McCabe have to do with Trump-Russia, and what does Trump accomplish by targeting him?

Absolutely nothing. Trump misheard a misleading story on Fox News and came away with the impression that Andrew McCabe is being secretly funded by Hillary Clinton. Since that time he’s placed tremendous focus on trying to force McCabe out of a job. Even now that McCabe has announced his retirement, Trump is still obsessively focused on destroying McCabe, and he’s got his own allies tying up a significant amount of their focus on trying to destroy McCabe.

Donald Trump doesn’t have the political muscle to try to fire the two people in charge of the Trump-Russia investigation, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Instead, he’s wasting all his limited remaining time and political muscle on harassing Andrew McCabe, in such a manner that won’t change a thing, beyond ruining McCabe’s life. Trump is on his way down, and instead of focusing on surviving or fighting back, he’s fighting an imaginary proxy war against Hillary. That’s how we know he’s going down.

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