Here’s what Donald Trump is going to screw up next

Trump was endorsed by the NRA long before the Republicans held their convention in 2016 though they typically endorse the Republican nominee after he has been selected. Then they poured $30M – $50M into his campaign. Did this money come from their dues paying members? No. From their gun manufacturer sponsors? Partly. But also, from a Russian oligarch who is Vladimir Putin’s finance minister. So, will Trump stand fast out of loyalty to the NRA or gratitude to the NRA?

Somebody’s pulling Trump’s strings and maybe others’. Who else got buckets of cash from Russia via the NRA might explain why some Republicans like Nunes are trying so desperately to stall or kill the Mueller investigation and why Senator McConnell blocked release of the FBI’s findings in late 2016.

Trump attended a meeting in the White House, heard pleas for rational gun control, and then read his pre-prepared decision to outfit teachers with guns. To solve the problem of guns, he proposes more guns. The math of that proposition is interesting: giving guns to 20% of America’s teachers would equate to 700,000 new gun sales. That’s $350-$400 Million in sales to gun manufacturers.

Police usually miss their targets more often than they hit them, using many rounds to take-down the perps. They’re far better trained than any teacher. In crowds, many rounds of off-target bullets will equal many more children killed. It seems absurd unless you want to give $350-$400 Million to gun makers. So why push this inadvised proposal? Who else wants to foster hate and discontent among Americans? NRA’s partner in crime, Vladimir Putin, the puppet master who will make sure NRA keeps up the pressure. Will Trump obey? Recent history suggests he will.

Richard Smith is an author and policy analyst in Northern Virginia