Glitch in Donald Trump’s latest tweet suggests Rudy Giuliani has begun secretly tweeting for him

If you’ve been paying attention to Rudy Giuliani’s tweets in recent weeks, you’ve noticed that he’s been suffering from some kind of weird keyboard glitch involving his space bar. He’s begun putting two spaces between words at random, such as “because as president” and “demonstrates yet again.” He’s also putting spaces before commas, and leaving out spaces after periods. In other words, in addition to his brain being broken, his space bar is also clearly broken. Now Donald Trump is, rather interestingly, suffering from the exact same space bar glitch.

This morning Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant about the Trump-Russia investigation, and sure enough, began accidentally putting two spaces in between words at random. For all of Trump’s various Twitter fails, this historically hasn’t been one of them. But now that Rudy Giuliani’s space bar is malfunctioning, Trump’s space bar is also accidentally typing double spaces? This suggests that Trump’s rant this morning was actually written and posted by Rudy.

When Donald Trump had his surreal “Da Dang Dicks” meltdown yesterday, which read like LSD inspired poetry lifted from a bad horror novel, we wondered if it was really even coming from him. Yes, he’s that far gone mentally. But we’ve never seen any evidence that he’s that imaginative or creative. Now suddenly we have evidence which suggests that Rudy has begun doing at least some of Trump’s tweeting. Did Rudy write the Trump’s “Da Dang” screed as well?

One more thing of note: it’s difficult to accidentally type a double space between words on an iPhone, as it typically gets autocorrected into a period. So the spacing problem in the above tweets is probably a result of typing on a computer keyboard with a jammed space bar. By all accounts, Donald Trump only tweets from his iPhone, and doesn’t even use a computer. This further suggests that Trump’s latest tweets aren’t coming from him. Did Rudy write Trump’s “Da Dang” meltdown in the hope of setting Trump up for an insanity defense?