Glenn Youngkin family member caught trying to vote illegally

I’ve said it many times before and I’ve regularly been proven correct: If a Republican accuses you of something specific enough, they’ve either done that thing before, they’re planning on it, or they’re guilty of it themselves. It’s not so much a secret evil plan as a psychological mechanism inherent in the type of people who tend to gaslight.

Even before the advent of Donald Trump, the GOP claimed rampant voter fraud was an issue – hordes of people voting repeatedly to help the Democratic candidate win – even though this is one of the least efficient ways to steal an election – if not outright impossible. A dissection of the 2020 election showed that virtually all of the instances where people voted multiple times under assumed identities were votes for the Republican candidate.

This isn’t exclusive to 2020 either. After Glenn Youngkin pulled off a win in Virginia earlier this week, it has come to light that his 17-year-old son attempted to vote not once but twice, despite not being of legal voting age, according to multiple election officials. Although he has not been charged with a crime, this isn’t exactly a good look for Youngkin, as he has only been governor-elect for a week and there’s already a hint of scandal – somewhat reminiscent of Mark Harris’ 2018 campaign.


This is probably not going to result in a redo of the election, but it’s a strong reminder of why it’s absolutely critical to turn out and vote Democrat in every last election – something we need to do from now on through 2024, rather than always lamenting when Democratic leadership isn’t working on our favorite issues.

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