Donald Trump gives up on press conferences and tries a new horrible strategy

By the time Donald Trump’s dangerously inaccurate and jarringly self pitying press conference ended yesterday, every major TV network had already pulled the plug on it – with the exception of Fox News. Perhaps sensing that if he held another press briefing today, the other networks wouldn’t air it at all, Trump decided to simply go running to the one network that still airs him.

That’s right, we’re talking about Donald Trump’s Fox News town hall today about the coronavirus. If you missed it, just try to imagine what a Trump press briefing would be like if every reporter there was from Fox News, along with the addition of a bunch of idiots who watch Fox News. Oh, and as Mother Jones points out, Fox also included a number of “medical experts” who are notorious quacks.

So yeah, this is even worse. The only upside is that no one outside of the Fox News audience had to be subjected to this dangerous disinformation, so it’s a sort of quarantine of its own. Of course Donald Trump can’t just appear on Fox for two hours every day (or can he?), so we presume he’ll eventually want to hold a full press briefing. At that point the legitimate networks will have to decide whether to air it. They shouldn’t.

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