Some Donald Trump supporters waiting in line to vote in Pennsylvania are reportedly giving up and going home

Since this is such an odd election cycle with such a large polling lead for Joe Biden and such difficulty voting in person in a pandemic, we’ve been wondering if we might see a phenomenon in which some of Donald Trump’s less enthusiastic voters end up deciding not to bother wasting their time on an election they think they’re going to lose anyway.

During the 2pm EST hour today, MSNBC reported that according to sources in the Trump campaign, some Trump voters are getting tired of standing in line, and are giving up and going home. The NBC News reporter in question did not report how the Trump campaign knows this is happening, or how many would-be Trump voters are giving up. But clearly the Trump campaign is worried enough about this trend to sound the alarm about it to the media.

MSNBC also reported that the Trump campaign is lamenting its own lack of people on the ground in Pennsylvania to encourage people in line not to give up. This isn’t surprising. The Trump 2020 campaign has been an unprofessional, disorganized mess run by sycophants, idiots, and people with their hand allegedly in the till, so why would they bother doing the basics?

In any case, if some would-be Trump voters really are starting to give up and going home in Pennsylvania, as the Trump campaign claims, this makes it all the more important that Joe Biden voters remain in line and vote no matter how long it takes. This gives us an opportunity to run up the score and help ensure that any last minute Trump antics won’t make any difference.

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