Ghislaine Maxwell’s new Jeffrey Epstein claim doesn’t add up

We’ve all been waiting to find out which public figures might have participated in Jeffrey Epstein’s heinous crimes against underage girls, and if Epstein was indeed blackmailing them over it. Now it turns out Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell supposedly told a CBS producer in 2016 that Epstein had such tapes of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. But something doesn’t add up here.

Even if we take this news producer at his word that Ghislaine Maxwell really did tell him this, the whole thing is odd. We’re supposed to believe that Epstein had secret blackmail tapes against some of the most powerful men in the world, yet Epstein’s gatekeeper Maxwell decided to randomly tell a journalist about it while Epstein was still alive? In general, if you have a secret that dark and closely guarded, and you only tell one person about it, a journalist is the last person it would be.

Then there is Maxwell’s supposed rationale in 2016 for refusing to help the journalist obtain the tapes: she claimed that it was because she didn’t want Trump to win the election. Wait a minute here. There were tapes that would destroy Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, and this would… cause Hillary Clinton to lose? Are we forgetting the part where this would have damaged Trump far more than it would have damaged Hillary?

Maxwell is a horrifying person, but she’s clearly not stupid or she wouldn’t have been able to pull off something so hideous for so long. We’re supposed to believe that she’s too stupid to have understood how such tapes would have impacted the 2016 election?

In general, when someone claims to have secret evidence, but then refuses to provide it while offering an utterly ridiculous excuse, it usually means that secret evidence doesn’t exist. Perhaps the question we should be asking is why Ghislaine Maxwell made such a seemingly false claim to this journalist in 2016, and what she was hoping to get out of making up such a thing.

Obviously, everyone who participated in Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes should go to prison for it, regardless of what political party they might belong to. But this latest twist just doesn’t logically seem to add up. Also, keep in mind that Ghislaine Maxwell’s entire life was a lie – so we can’t suddenly presume she’s telling the truth just because she’s pointing to supposed evidence that would finish off Donald Trump.

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