Surreal new twist in Jeffrey Epstein scandal

In the weeks since Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, and in the days since his death, it’s been widely presumed that his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell was in the wind, far outside U.S. jurisdiction. But it looks like someone has discovered where Maxwell has been hiding – even as those close to her insist she’s not really there.

It all started when semi-reputable British newspaper Daily Mail reported that Ghislaine Maxwell had been spotted living in the Boston-area home of her supposed boyfriend Scott Borgerson. Borgerson quickly denied this. But then the highly reputable Boston Globe decided that the Daily Mail’s report was solid enough to pass along, lending credibility to the whole thing. But now a friend is telling the Daily Beast that Maxwell is actually living in some unspecified locale in France.

So where does this get us? The people closest to Maxwell are insisting she’s not in Boston, but let’s be real here. If she’s indeed been hiding out in the United States as this scandal has been playing out, and she has been spotted, those loyal to her are naturally going to try to cover for her. So if you discount whatever they have to say about it, you’re left with the multiple major news outlets that are pointing to Maxwell being in Boston.

We have no idea if Ghislaine Maxwell is currently being targeted for criminal charges. But at the least, there’s little doubt that the FBI would like to have a word or two with her, and they’re not going to take no for an answer. So if she has been discovered hiding out in Massachusetts, as is being reported, she’ll be hearing from the Feds very soon. If she ends up cutting a plea deal, she could take down every last one of Epstein’s co-conspirators.

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