Donald Trump and his Republican apologists have been insisting that the House impeachment inquiry can’t be legitimate because it’s been taking place behind closed doors. They’ve been demanding that the transcripts be released, and that the hearings start taking place in public.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump and company, the first few batches of closed door testimony transcripts have been released, and they’ve been devastating for Trump. Even Gordon Sondland, the one witness who initially tried to downplay the Ukraine extortion scandal, ended up revising his testimony and coming clean about his role in what he now acknowledges are Trump’s crimes. Now it’s about to get even worse for Trump, because he’s about to get his wish again.

The House will hold its first public televised impeachment inquiry hearings next week. Bill Taylor and George Kent from the State Department will testify on Wednesday, November 13th. Star witness Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine who was fired and harassed by Donald Trump because she was standing in the way of his corruption scheme, will testify on Friday, November 15th.

If you’ve read the transcripts, you already largely know what they’re going to say. But most Americans don’t read transcripts or lengthy legal documents, as we learned during the Mueller Report era. This televised impeachment testimony against Donald Trump is going to make for a TV spectacle, with everyone tuning in during the day if they can, and everyone else tuning in for the highlights when they get home from work that night. Get your popcorn ready.

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