Get your popcorn ready

According to White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, “president” Donald Trump ran his mouth to Bob Woodward because “he’s the most transparent president in history.” No, he is the stupidest president in history. More than stupid, Trump has an overblown sense of himself, which makes him cocky. Unfortunately for him, “cocky” and “stupid” do not a great partnership make. Not only did he fail to act against a virus that has now taken more than 200,000 American lives, he lied about it to the American people. Not once but over and over.

As CNN pointed out, we depend on the “character, competence, altruism and integrity of the person in the Oval Office.” We expect that, party aside, the president will do his utmost to ensure our safety and wellbeing, especially in times of crisis. Instead, Donald Trump crushed those expectations, mostly to stoke his own special brand of narcissism. CNN gave us myriad examples of presidents who rose to the occasion, from Roosevelt and the attack on Pearl Harbor, Bush after 9/11, to Obama after the Sandy Hook murders. Each of these presidents had no qualms about embracing the American people—sometimes literally—to calm our fears and share our grief.

Today, we have a clown in the Oval Office who thought it best to hide the facts from us. Instead of sitting behind his desk and having a national conversation with the people who would be impacted by this deadly virus, he chose to lie. His clown cadre in the White House now have the nerve to try to “fix” what Trump has done. There is no fix available. Donald Trump jeopardized all our lives, and that cannot be fixed, nor can it be forgiven. Trump had the audacity to call Woodward’s book a “political hit job.” Well, Mr. “president,” that is your voice on those tapes, right? If it is a “hit job,” you shot yourself in the foot — again, and hopefully, you will not recover. We desperately need real leadership in the White House, and Joe Biden is ready to assume that role.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made it clear that their focus will be on eradicating this menace. They told us that Trump’s incompetence only made the virus worse, and that is no lie. Hundreds of thousands have died, and businesses, jobs, and often, our sanity have all been compromised by COVID-19. And all that was before Bob Woodward entered the scene with his tapes. Those tapes prove that Biden, Harris, and everyone else who complained that Trump mismanaged this virus was right. Not only did Trump mishandle the virus, but Woodward dug into Trump’s “self-absorption” and “apparent confusion” regarding the economy according to Washington Post. As the Post article ends, Trump “cannot be trusted to safeguard our lives of our livelihood.”

Woodward will be on “60 Minutes” this weekend with his tapes in hand. By the time he is done, we can tie a pretty bow on the box containing the ashes of Donald Trump’s “presidency.” If there ever was a truly popcorn-worthy moment in the Trump “presidency,” this is it.

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