Turns out Georgia prosecutors are coming for Donald Trump after all

After Donald Trump got caught on tape committing felony election fraud by trying to pressure Georgia’s Secretary of State into overturning the election results, there were rumblings that the Fulton County District Attorney was considering launching a criminal investigation into Trump. But then, as often happens, the reporting trail went cold on it – until now.

This evening the New York Times is reporting that Fulton County DA Fani Willis is “increasingly likely” to launch a criminal investigation into Trump, and is considering hiring a special counsel to oversee it. The article makes no mention of last week’s Capitol attack. But we do wonder if perhaps Georgia prosecutors feel more confident in moving against Trump now that he’s incited domestic terrorism, and the nation’s appetite for prosecuting him is now overwhelming.

This comes on the same day we got the news that the Manhattan District Attorney has expanded and ramped up his criminal case against Donald Trump. Trump needs to be criminally prosecuted from all sides, not only to increase the odds that he spends the rest of his life in prison, but also to send a message to his domestic terrorist supporters that there are criminal consequences for criminal acts.

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