Robert Mueller has flipped George Nader in the Trump-Russia scandal. Here’s why he’s so important.

Who is George Nader? Unless you’ve been paying particularly detailed attention to the Trump-Russia scandal, that may not even be a name you’ve heard until now. But six weeks ago, while Nader was flying to Mar-a-Lago to meet with Donald Trump, he was accosted by the FBI instead. Now Nader has flipped and is fully cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and a Trump-Russia grand jury. This is a huge deal, because he’s closely connected to just about everything.

When Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ brother Erik Prince held a secret Russia meeting in the Seychelles, George Nader was there. That’s just for starters. Those stories that have been hitting the media in recent weeks about Jared Kushner and Trump’s White House having a pay-for-play relationship with the United Arab Emirates? It appears Nader was at the center of it all. The fact that Trump ordered the Yemen raid as a favor to UAE just two weeks before UAE signed off on the opening of the Trump Dubai golf course? Nader probably has that information as well.

Back on January 22nd, Palmer Report referred to George Nader as Robert Mueller’s “insurance policy” (link after Mueller had seemingly used Nader’s testimony to push Steve Bannon into fully cooperating. Now, based on today’s new reports from CNN and the New York Times and others, it appears Nader is going to take down a whole lot of people in the Trump cartel – including quite probably Kushner and Trump himself. So now what?

Keep in mind that no matter how much evidence Robert Mueller uncovers, or how many cooperating witnesses he obtains, he still has to work his way through the legal process. No trap door magically opens up under Trump or Kushner simply because Michael Flynn or Rick Gates or George Nader has provided damning evidence against them. But it’s a big deal that Mueller has been using Nader in Trump-Russia grand juries. It means major indictments are coming against major Trump-Russia names, and Mueller is already at least six weeks into obtaining those indictments.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report