General McCaffrey rips Donald Trump to pieces

General Barry McCaffrey has never exactly been a fan of Donald Trump, if his tweets have been any indication. But when Trump pulled a particularly deranged stunt on Monday night by leaving the hospital while still infected with coronavirus and spreading it around the White House, thus risking his health and the health of others, McCaffrey pulled absolutely no punches.

General McCaffrey tweeted this late on Monday night, citing the video of Donald Trump gasping for air as he stood on the White House balcony: “Poor Mr Trump. He’s sick. He’s acting stupid. He’s a danger to others. He’s such a terrible example to Americans. I’ve been an infantry leader in very dangerous situations. We always work endlessly to MINIMIZE RISK until forced into action.”


This is getting out of control beyond words. The President of the United States is on some kind of bizarre suicide mission, putting his life at great risk in an attempt at winning a probably unwinnable election, for fear he’ll go to prison if he doesn’t win. McCaffrey said it best: this is all just stupid.

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