Gavin Newsom just destroyed Donald Trump

Now that he’s been impeached by the House, and his plan to rig his Senate trial is beginning to fall apart, Donald Trump is behaving more strangely and idiotically than ever. In the latest sign that impeachment has shattered whatever might have been left of his mental competence, Trump is now picking fights so bizarre that all anyone can do is make fun of him.

For instance, Donald Trump couldn’t handle learning that Canadian television channel CBC has been omitting his Home Alone 2 cameo, among other scenes, in order to make more room for commercials since 2014. This prompted Trump to attack Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who obviously had nothing to do with the decision. Trump seemed afraid of misspelling “Trudeau” so he simply called him “Justin T.” Trump also decided to attack California Governor Gavin Newsom, or “Gavin N.” as the increasingly addled Trump now calls him, basically calling California a hell hole in the process. But Newsom didn’t hesitate to fire back at Trump:

I imagine Trump’s Christmas to be like that scene when the Grinch yells “I’m an idiot!” and his echo yells back “you’re an idiot!!”

Yep, this is where we’re at now as a nation. The “President” of the United States is such an embarrassing punchline, everyone is just lining up to tee off on him. This is, after all, a guy who’s such an insecure loser that he’s become President of the United States, and he can’t handle his minor cameo in a twenty-five year old movie being cut for time by some TV station in another country.

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