Donald Trump’s garage sale from hell

For Coast Guard Employees now on furlough, the cherry on top was a “help” document which appeared on the Coast Guard site. The purpose of the document was to help furloughed employees during tough financial times by offering such insulting suggestions as having garage sales or baby-sitting. The document, which has since been taken down, also offered insight such as a reminder that the employee’s credit might be affected, and that putting food on the table will be a primary focus. It kindly offered bankruptcy as a “last option.”

As federal workers enter the twentieth day of the Trump shutdown, Trump’s temper tantrums and clear lack of a plan continue to offer insult to injury. Trump is clearly not used to being told “No”. The dramatic walk-out from his meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer this week did provide one isolated piece of truth from the mouth of Trump. When asked why he refuses to stop using citizens as pawns, he replied “…because then you won’t give me what I want.”

The deeper we get into this presidency, and this shutdown, the more obvious it becomes that Trump is so out of his depth in this job. The more skeptical among us might also question his sanity. Trump thought this would be easy. Sit at the big desk and look “presidential.” Trump is completely unable to present himself in any positive manner. He cannot read. He has no knowledge of history or civics or public policy and he approaches all of his decisions without any heart. It is not possible to govern without heart.

From the start of this administration, it has appeared that every decision made has been to protect himself or to increase his own bottom line. It now appears that his decisions are made without a heart. Taking away health care, failing to deal with gun violence, cruel treatment of immigrants and absolute disrespect for civil servants are just a few examples. Trump is governing with no knowledge or principles, and the Republican Party is silent. Not one of them deserves to lead, and this should be remembered long into any future elections. Anyone who stood by and remained silent should pay with their own job security as an elected official. Oh, and I would not be purchasing shrimp any time soon.