Donald Trump gets confused at G20, blankly wanders off stage during event, staffer has to chase after him

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Donald Trump got confused in the middle of a major political event, wandered away and left others hanging, and then had to be brought back by his handlers. We’ve seen this scenario happen several times since Trump took office. Now it’s happened again at the G20 summit.

Donald Trump and the President of Argentina were alone on stage together when Trump abruptly shook his hand and wandered off the stage for no apparent reason. The President of Argentina tried to motion for him to come back but it was too late, and so a staffer was seen running off stage to try to retrieve a confused Trump.

Here’s video of the incident:


If this were a one-off thing, it could be written off as a random gaffe. But Donald Trump has already gotten confused and absently wandered away from two of his own signing ceremonies, without signing anything, leaving his people to chase after him. He got up and walked out of a joint press conference with his ally Benjamin Netanyahu and had to be brought back. And he once famously got off Air Force One and then walked up to his motorcade before wandering away from it. This is part of a pattern, and a worsening one.

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