Gordon Sondland just threw Donald Trump EVEN FURTHER under the bus

Earlier this evening the news surfaced that U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland is planning to testify to the House impeachment inquiry this week that he tried to convince Donald Trump to do the right thing on Ukraine, and Trump and Rudy Giuliani were insistent on doing things the corrupt way. Now the news about Sondland’s testimony is turning out to be even uglier for Trump.

Gordon Sondland is planning to fully vouch for former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, according to an NBC News report tonight. This is crucial because Donald Trump fired Yovanovitch in the middle of his Ukraine extortion plot. Trump is arguing that she was corrupt, but various people have accused Trump of having fired her because she wasn’t corrupt, and Trump and Rudy Giuliani simply wanted her out of the way so they could carry out crimes.

Sondland is a Trump ally who only got the ambassador job after he made a sizable donation to Donald Trump. This is a guy who, all things being equal, would surely prefer to remain loyal to Trump. But through these leaks to the media, which are obviously coming from him, Sondland is making clear that he’s throwing Trump under the bus in an attempt at protecting his own legal situation.

Moreover, Gordon Sondland’s willingness to leak these details in advance of his testimony is a sign that he has no fear at all about Donald Trump finding a way to block his testimony. At this point the floodgates against Trump are wide open.

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