Furor erupts over Donald Trump, his giant bruise, and Walter Reed

Late last year, Donald Trump was unexpectedly taken to Walter Reed Medical Center, and his White House went to extraordinary lengths to cover up the never-disclosed reason why. In the months since, Trump’s physical and cognitive health have been in visible decline during his various public appearances. It’s set off a firestorm about Trump’s mysterious health problems – and today that firestorm got bigger.

The furor started when the Associated Press posted a photo of Donald Trump today which appeared to show a giant bruise on the back of his hand. In the photo, Trump was carrying a ridiculously large stack of newspapers in that same hand, suggesting that his handlers had given him the stack in the hope of obscuring whatever was wrong with his hand. From there things got stranger.

The bruise on Trump’s hand is in the same place where an IV is often inserted during hospital visits. This led to a rumor sweeping across Twitter that Trump had secretly gone to Walter Reed Medical Center today instead of the golf course. To be clear, we can’t find a single news outlet reporting on the supposed Walter Reed visit. Nonetheless, “Walter Reed” is now trending on Twitter.

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