Frozen in fear by his mounting scandals, Donald Trump is no longer even functioning inside the White House

In the roughly fourteen months since he took office, Donald Trump has rarely bothered to show much interest in doing the job, and he’s rarely even bothered to try to create the appearance that he’s interested in doing the job. He spends weekdays watching cable news and tweeting about it; he spends the weekends golfing. But now that things have fully hit the fan in his Stormy Daniels scandal, his Russia scandal, and his other scandals this week, we’re getting word that Trump is barely functioning at all.

Two hours per day. That how much time Donald Trump’s official public schedule now lists him as devoting to doing the job of President of the United States. Considering that this is what’s being sent out publicly, and the consistent dishonestly of this White House, it’s fair to assume that Trump is spending even less than two hours per day on the job. Remarkably, he’s not even devoting as much time to his usual distractions as he used to.

Over the past several days Trump has barely tweeted anything at all, and we don’t even think he’s the one writing the handful of tweets that have recently appeared on his account. He’s no longer even live-tweeting Fox News in the morning, which suggests he’s watching less of it. Although he was at Mar-a-Lago this past weekend, his golf outings have also become more rare of late.

So what is Donald Trump doing with his time these days? He’s not tweeting, he doesn’t appear to be watching much cable news, he’s barely golfing, and his official schedule reveals that he’s spending virtually no time on official duties. He has to be sitting around doing nothing at all. Trump has long been malfunctioning, but at this point the guy is barely functioning at all.

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