Donald Trump goes full Grinch on Christmas, calls America a “disgrace”

Donald Trump spent Christmas Eve whining about how sad and alone he was, and then he got on the phone and told a seven year old kid that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Today he’s been comparatively quiet. But Donald did have something awful up his sleeve, and it came in the form of a disastrous Christmas press conference in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump decided to spread the, ahem, yuletide cheer today by using his press conference to viciously attack just about everyone. His list of grievances includes everyone from Democrats, to his own handpicked Federal Reserve Chairman, to – for some reason – long ago fired FBI Director James Comey.

Donald Trump’s heartwarming Christmas message to America: “It’s a disgrace, what’s happening in our country.” No really, he said that. This sounds like something from the Onion, but reporters were there with him, and they documented it. Even the foulest, crappiest of American presidents have still generally managed to say something decent and uplifting on a holiday like Christmas. Then again, Trump isn’t the “president” of anything.

Trump seems to understand deep down that this is all over for him and he’s lost. His gambit of committing treason with Russia to rig the election, and then hiding behind the presidency to protect himself from a lifetime of crimes, is finally backfiring on him. He’ll go to prison when he’s ousted from office. So will his kids. His assets will be seized. His criminal foray into politics is about to cost him everything. It’s why he’s sitting in the Oval Office on Christmas, clinging to the last moments of pretending to be president, before he’s hauled away.