Bernie Sanders just totally blew it on Fidel Castro, AIPAC, Susan Sarandon, Marianne Williamson, and more

Bernie Sanders has won two out of the first three states, with another forty-seven states still yet to weigh in. He’s pulling in thirty-something percent of the delegate vote, in a race where 50% is required to become the nominee. But the media has labeled him the new “frontrunner” today anyway. So what’s he doing with his moment in the sun? Melting down. Here’s a partial list of the things that Bernie Sanders and his campaign have done so far today:

– Bernie went on 60 Minutes tonight and offered partial praise for Fidel Castro. This is a recipe for losing the Cuban-American vote, and thus losing Florida.

– Bernie went on Twitter tonight and accused bipartisan pro-Israel group AIPAC of “bigotry” against Palestinians. The group has its problems, but it believes in a two-state solution. Bernie’s remarks are recipe for losing the Jewish vote.

– Bernie’s campaign invited former candidate Marianne Williamson on stage at a campaign event today so she could endorse him. As a reminder, Williamson is an anti-vaxxer who basically tries to get people to buy her “spiritual” books instead of buying medicine.

– Bernie’s campaign surrogate Susan Sarandon announced on Twitter that she’s not just trying to get rid of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, she’s trying to run Pelosi out of Congress entirely.

– Bernie also admitted on 60 Minutes that he has no idea how he’d pay for Medicare For All, and that he has no idea what it would even cost.

Bernie Sanders has spent his first day as the “frontrunner” blowing it with Cuban voters, blowing it with Jewish voters, blowing it with Pelosi voters, blowing it with science voters, and blowing it with anyone who can do math. He’s not actually the frontrunner of anything, but he’s using his moment in the sun to blow it as badly as possible. Bernie would be far better than Trump. But then again, a box of cockroaches would be far better than Trump. The Democrats need a better nominee who can actually win.

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