Donald Trump gets some terrible Friday night news

Friday — the day of the week that is always cause for celebration. The weekend is here, and it’s time to kick back with a glass of wine, hang out with friends, and otherwise allow the stress of the work week to disappear for a while. As if all that isn’t enough to celebrate Friday, the Washington Post just gave us another, perhaps more compelling reason, which comes via Donald Trump’s favorite station, Fox “News.”

The Fox poll doesn’t bode well for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary race, as he continues to lose support. In fact, Elizabeth Warren has overtaken him by 10 points. The good news for Democrats overall, however, is that each of the four top Democratic candidates beats Donald Trump in a head-to-head battle. In fact, all four have gained since a July poll, but the worst news for Trump is that he doesn’t even break 40%. When matched up to Joe Biden, Trump loses 50% to 38%. Sanders beats him 48% to 39% while Warren tops Trump 46% to 39%. Kamala Harris, trailing her Democratic contenders, also beats Trump by 6 points. In other words, the only candidate who appears unelectable at this stage is Donald Trump. This makes me do the happy dance.

When these numbers are examined by demographics, Biden still leads among black voters at 37%. Sanders comes in second with 18%. Warren shows as weakest at 8%. All of this could well change in the coming months, especially if Biden doesn’t stop saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. The Fox poll also asked whether voters believe Trump has made us less safe from domestic terrorism. By a margin of 46 to 15, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Further 34% believe that he takes much of the blame for what’s happening in our country while 22% say that he has “some responsibility.” Together, this means that a whopping 56% of Americans believe Trump responsible for the mass murders, and this number surprisingly includes 22% of Republicans.

It gets worse (for Trump at least): 68% of voters believe that his white nationalist rhetoric is to blame for domestic terror killings. Read that again with me: 68% believe he’s to blame. Amazingly, some continue to approve of his job performance and/or will vote for him again. Epstein, the author of this piece, says it all: “White nationalist terrorism? But tax cuts! Really, Republicans?” Wait until the bottom of the economy drops out, as it is destined to do. They’re already whining about the deficit, though many of them voted for the tax cut that is at the root of this rapidly growing number.

Democrats will be wise to watch these numbers, especially those of white women, 52% of whom voted for Trump in 2016. Again, relying on Fox’s poll, 48% of them now support Biden (to Trump’s 41%). Stunningly, Trump loses suburban women (34-52), and college educated women chose Biden over Trump (57-35). I won’t waste time on rural, uneducated white men, and neither should Democrats. Instead, they need to focus on white women and campaign directly to them. We have a real shot at getting rid of Trump in 2020. Feel free to join me in the happy dance.

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