Donald Trump is in freefall

The major polls say that a majority of Americans want Donald Trump impeached and removed from office, which tells you how well things are going for him. Even as Trump fights to hang on to what little is left of his dying presidency, two recent elections in other nations reveal that the world has had enough of Trumpian crap in general.

Last night Justin Trudeau won reelection in Canada against a far-right opponent who was essentially a Donald Trump wannabe, and who seemingly had at least indirect ties to the Kremlin. This came just hours after the glacially-moving electoral process in Israel finally delivered what should be the final blow in finishing off Trump’s corrupt ally Benjamin Netanyahu, several weeks after the Israeli people made clear during their election that they wanted to send him packing.

It’s not just that every liberal election victory around the world prevents Donald Trump from having an ally in office. It’s that people around the world are increasingly rejecting politicians who have even a Trump-like whiff about them. It’s a worldwide wake up call. Netanyahu had been in power for a decade, yet in the Trump era, Netanyahu is apparently headed to prison. Putin’s attempts at rigging elections in France and elsewhere have failed since Trump took office. The British are fighting like crazy to keep Brexit, another vote rigged by Putin, from going through.


Now is not the time to get complacent, of course. Donald Trump’s allies around the world are in as much danger of falling as he is. That means the Resistance is succeeding, and all the time and effort that’s been invested in stopping Trumpism is working. Now is the time to ramp up Resistance efforts, and finish off this worldwide far-right Trump-Putin scourge once and for all.

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