Rudy Giuliani freaks out as Robert Mueller closes in

This week we’ve seen Special Counsel Robert Mueller ramping up the Trump-Russia heat in too many ways to count, from his prosecution of Paul Manafort to his grand jury against Roger Stone to his insistence that Donald Trump sit down for an interview and answer questions about the criminal scandal. Trump hasn’t been taking it well, as evidenced by his increasingly frazzled Twitter rants about Mueller. Now Trump’s attorney Rudy Guiliani is going completely off the deep end, even by his usual deep end standards.

Not long after it was reported that Robert Mueller was preparing to subpoena alleged Trump-Russia go-between Randy Credico to testify against Roger Stone, we got this gem of a tweet from Rudy Giuliani: “Maybe it’s time for Attorney General Sessions to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the conspiracy to defeat Donald Trump by buying and disseminating false dossiers, obtaining illegal wires and commencing baseless FBI investigations.”

To be clear, this is little more than a deusional fantasy about delusional fantasies. Attorney General Jeff Sessions long ago recused himself from the Trump-Russia scandal in the hope of protecting himself, and there is no reason to expect that he would unrecuse himself, let alone appoint a second Specialist Counsel. Furthermore, all of the accusations made by Rudy in this tweet are laugh-out-loud fiction.

While Rudy Giuliani’s tweet isn’t going to lead to anything, it’s the latest evidence of just how freaked out, and out of ideas, Donald Trump and his legal team are. If this kind of histrionic nonsense is all they have left to go on, it suggests they have no meaningful defense strategy at all.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report