Donald Trump gets frazzled and begins giving away his own secrets

Donald Trump is having what can only be objectively described as the worst week of his illegitimate presidency to date. He put down most of his remaining chips on the Devin Nunes memo, which backfired spectacularly. Now he’s left trying to fend off an imminent interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which would take him down in the Russia scandal. Trump has become so frazzled, he’s now giving away his own secrets.

Because Trump would rather hurl insults and false accusations at members of Congress than work with them on a budget, the federal government is about to be shut down yet again. Regardless of which side thinks it might win or lose in the shutdown battle, neither side is supposed to admit that it’s rooting for a shutdown, which will negatively impact quite a number of Americans in various ways. So what did Trump do today? He went off script while speaking publicly today (link), and announced that he wants a shutdown. Then his own administration contradicted him.

Even as Trump was announcing that he hopes the government gets shut down again, his White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was announcing from the podium that it’ll be terrible if the government is shut down. That’s the script that Trump was supposed to be sticking to, but at this point he no longer seems to understand what he’s supposed to say out loud and what he’s supposed to keep to himself.

Polls showed that the majority of Americans blamed Donald Trump and his Republican Party for last month’s government shutdown, which means that Trump and the GOP will take the bulk of the blame again for this shutdown. Twice in a month is just embarrassing. It’s unclear why Trump thinks this is a good strategy. In any case he just sabotaged it by giving away that he secretly wants the shutdown. How many more secrets will he blurt out before the week is over?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report