Donald Trump just tipped off how truly frazzled he is right now

There’s a second whistleblower in Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal, and there may be more than two of them, depending on how you interpret the words of the attorney representing them. There’s also a whistleblower in the Treasury Department. The CIA is trying to get Trump criminally indicted. Oh, and he’s also being impeached. So he has a few things to worry about. Now he’s tipping off just how frazzled this is truly making him.

No matter how bad things get for Donald Trump or for the country, he’s consistently shown us that nothing is going to get in the way of his golf game. He golfed when a major hurricane was hitting the east coast. He’s continued golfing since the impeachment process began against him. He golfed yesterday. It’s just what he does.

Yet this morning, Donald Trump decided not to bother. Jennifer Jacobs from Bloomberg tweeted that Trump is staying at the White House all day today. We checked, and this isn’t about the weather. It’s a high of 74 degrees in the Washington DC area today, with no chance of rain. It’s perfect golfing weather. And it’s not as if he’s going to some presidential function instead. He’s simply staying home, either because he feels he needs to meet with his impeachment strategy team, or because he’s too frazzled to even want to golf.

At least Donald Trump now appears to understand how much trouble he’s in. Now would be a good time for him to hunker down and seriously consider a resignation plea deal involving reduced criminal charges, reduced prison time, and partial asset seizures. He can keep the golden toilet. But if he doesn’t cut a deal soon, he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison, and he’ll lose everything.

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