Fox News reportedly suspends or cancels Judge Jeanine Pirro after Donald Trump loses

For months, Palmer Report has been predicting that if Donald Trump lost the election, Fox News would make some noise in his defense, but would then end up moving to distance itself from Trump and try to move on. After all, Fox is a business, not a fan club, and it has to remain viable with its audience as Trump fades from the stage.

Now the far right site Newsmax is reporting that Fox News has either suspended or canceled Judge Jeanine Pirro’s television show after she launched into particularly deranged conspiracy theories about Donald Trump’s election loss. Newsmax is the kind of propaganda site that’s making a point of refusing to admit that Trump lost, so we don’t trust them in general, but there would be no reason for them to make up a story about Jeanine Pirro getting the boot.

So take it for whatever it’s worth until it’s independently confirmed, but it looks like Fox News may indeed already be laying the groundwork for moving beyond the Donald Trump era now that it’s over.

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