Fox News reportedly looking at scapegoating Sean Hannity, others


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Consequences finally? It appears that way for Fox non-news, who has been embroiled in quite a bit of misery over the Dominian lawsuit. This lawsuit tore away the masks of several Fox robots, revealing them as the propaganda spreaders they are. And now, folks on both sides are demanding accountability. And you did read that correctly. I said, “both sides.”

Fox is in a state we have not seen them in before — panic. First, let’s talk about the democrats. Democrats have been VERY vocal about Fox lately, and there are reports at least three fox pundits are in trouble.

These would be Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, and Maria Bartiromo. According to reports, all three are perhaps on the chopping block. This is because Rupert Murdock may need “sacrificial lambs” to stem the tide of bad publicity. And he is not above using his anchors for that nasty little problem.

Reportedly these firings may happen because Fox is looking to “save face” over their ongoing scandal. The problem for them is the big cheese of lies — Tucker Carlson — is not on that list.

And he should be. Tucker should be fired. But because his ratings are pretty high, it’s obvious Fox is reluctant to go there.

But the situation is complicated. The situation is complicated by a seething, furious traitor who has decided to weigh in on what Fox should do — and his opinion differs from Murdoch’s.

That traitor is Donald John Trump. And he wants Fox anchors fired all right — but not the ones mentioned above. Instead, Trump is demanding Fox fire the anchors who said the 2020 election was fair and there was no cheating.


That’s right. Trump wants only the honest pundits over there (who are few) to lose their jobs. So this is a Fox shitshow that is going on. And frankly? It’s delicious to see them get caught up in their own bull-crap and lies. I don’t know how this story will end, but for now, let’s rejoice in the fact that Fox non-news is not having an easy month.


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