Fox News pundit goes completely bonkers on air

If Republicans accuse you of something, it’s because they’re either doing it, they’re planning it, or they’ve already done it. Sometimes it’s all three. Once you figure this out, very little that they do surprises you, even if it’s still pretty outlandish. Mark Levin, infamous right-wing radio clown and racist, was keeping in line with that rule during his Fox News meltdown on Wednesday.

Along with the rest of the GOP, Levin, who prides himself on being a “constitutional conservative,” has decided the best way to attack the current Democratic administration is to have a tirade about the quagmire in Afghanistan and blame them for everything, as has become the Republican bandwagon these days. Obviously, they’re neglecting the fact that it was a Republican president who decided to invade Afghanistan with no exit strategy in the first place, and another Republican president before that one who decided to spend money on the country in a proxy war against the Soviets, but Levin doesn’t have much regard for the truth when it works to his advantage.


His tirade was everything you’d expect for a right-wing pundit – but then he decided to do one better, making sure to kick around the outlandish notion that the Taliban once gave asylum to Obama. As much as he hates the former president, Levin isn’t this idiotic. He knows it never happened – but he figures that a good number of his viewers are. It’s pretty embarrassing that he has to go back a decade to look for a good scapegoat, but it’s interesting that he comes up with this episode around the time that the story of Trump’s state department proposing a Camp David summit with the Taliban is again making the rounds in the media. It means that any further scrutiny of the issue is going to reveal things that make the GOP look bad, especially with polls coming to light that the general public isn’t buying their latest spin.

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