This new Fox News poll is devastatingly bad for Donald Trump

When a CNN poll recently said that Donald Trump was fourteen points behind Joe Biden, Trump was so desperate to prove it was a fake poll, he pursued legal action against CNN. Of course individual polls don’t tell the story; polling averages do. In the days since the CNN poll, we’ve been waiting to see if Biden’s lead also expanded into double digits in the other major polls.

First came Reuters, which said that Biden is up by thirteen points. Then came Trump’s longtime favorite poll, Rasmussen, which said that Biden is up by twelve points. Now Fox News, Trump’s longtime favorite TV channel, says that Biden is up by twelve points. It’s notable that the Fox poll includes all Americans, and not just Fox News viewers. But still, this is further confirmation of just how much trouble Trump is currently in.

The CNBC poll now has Biden up ten points. Not every poll has Biden up by double digits. The new Quinnipiac poll says Biden is up by eight points, while the new Economist poll has Biden up nine points – but those two polls are now on the low end of the range. When you look at the trend, you see that Biden’s lead across the polling averages is definitely growing – and that he really is up by roughly ten points. Trump is going to go berserk.

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