Fox News melts down as Americans remember why they approve of Joe Biden


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This is the story of a woman. This particular woman was furious. And she appeared to be looking for a place to unleash this crackling rage. She found it! Live on air, in front of many a television screen, steam started coming from this Fox non-news pundit.

It wasn’t the Ukraine situation, something that would have been highly understandable to be angry about. But that wasn’t it. So what was ailing Fox non-pundit Rachel Campos-Duffy? It was the fact that the American people love and appreciate President Joe Biden.

Nobody could ever accuse Fox of not being transparent about where their priorities are. Here is part of what she said: “Democrats right now are very ecstatic over what they see as poll numbers inching up for Joe Biden,” she said.

“Chris Cillizza said now there is an opportunity for a Biden comeback,” she continued. “I’m sorry. I know you guys are focusing on all the troop movements. I’m just so mad.”

I will put aside the snarky replies that jump to mind and say outright that I pity this woman. I pity her because it must be so difficult, so awful not having a soul. I wonder what happens during the audition process to be a Fox pundit. Do the auditioners have to take a lie detector test to prove they are, in fact, non-patriotic and vapid morons?

President Biden’s poll numbers are indeed going up — by a lot. This should surprise nobody, for most of the country saw him during his State of the Union. They saw him at his best. Why WOULDN’T people appreciate a strong leader?

But it would appear that the upward tick in Biden’s poll numbers bothers Duffy — and given that she felt the need to wrestle with her fury on national television rather than speak about actual real-world issues that are going on shows she is typical of Fox.

Look, there are very serious things going on. And people want clarity on these issues. It’s vital that we have that. And the last thing we need is an agitated and frenzied Fox Thembot throwing a pity party for herself on national television.


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