Fox News is officially a Russian propaganda outlet

Fox News is officially a Russian propaganda outlet. While we’ve documented how several anchors at Fox have been accused of simply pushing talking points approved by the White House and Donald Trump, the level of obfuscating the truth goes well beyond sharing debunked conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, the corrupt tactics used by Fox to be a state media television source of pro-Russian propaganda is not limited to the United States. It was announced late last year that Fox News broke United Kingdom impartiality rules and is no longer broadcast in the UK. While this is a big win for those fighting against the recent onslaught of “fake news” and morally deficient news reports, there is still a very long road ahead to ensure others are not subjected to lies.

While the UK was able to protect their citizens from this biased propaganda, other European countries are not as lucky. Jewish leaders in the Baltics have been aware for years of increasing anti-Semitic rhetoric in their area, just as we have noticed increased racism and xenophobic attitudes in America. A recent disturbing report out of the Baltics shows that Fox television is undergoing pro-Russian censorship during translations.

As if Fox wasn’t already pro-Russian enough, the Latvian National Electronic Media Counsel has received complaints that stating that guidelines for translation of Fox shows were actually developed in Russia, and therefore are forced to “gloss over” any topics seen as sensitive by Russian censors. A letter sent to the Baltic translators states, “Of course, such softening of language can be seen as controversial and may not be in line with the common practice, but it is required by law.”

While the recent discovery that Sean Hannity failed to disclose the fact that he was also a client of Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen is certainly important, I have said previously that Hannity will not survive at Fox News through the end of Trump’s time in office, however short that may be. It’s important to remember that while Fox continues to push pro-Russian propaganda, at least we have other options to where we go for our news. It appears some countries are far ahead of us in preventing the spread of pro-Russian rhetoric, but some are in an even worse propaganda predicament than we are currently.

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