Fox News host slam dunks Donald Trump for attacking Chris Wallace

What a lot of people don’t realize about Fox News is that it’s always had a handful of serious people like Chris Wallace and Shep Smith on the air in order to deflect criticism of the ratings-chasing propagandist clowns who fill out the rest of the 24 hour cycle. These other hosts need the likes of Wallace and Smith to give them cover. With the recent departure of Smith, Fox needs Wallace more than ever, and it knows it.

Don’t tell that to Donald Trump, who spent Sunday attacking and belittling Chris Wallace, because Wallace dared to ask tough questions of Trump’s lying puppet Steve Scalise. Trump hates it that his favorite propaganda channel is besieged by Wallace’s serious and honest journalism, and he’s being more blatant about his feelings than ever.

The thing is, Fox News can’t let this go unchecked. Sure enough, Fox host Neil Cavuto – who isn’t anyone’s idea of a serious journalist but who likes to try to frame himself as one – ripped into Donald Trump on Monday. Cavuto insisted that Chris Wallace was “obligated” to question Trump’s guy Scalise during the interview. Cavuto also asserted that Trump “doesn’t distinguish” between news that’s fake, and real news that he simply doesn’t like, when he starts accusing people of being “fake news.”

You’d think Donald Trump would have learned by now that he can’t attack Chris Wallace without prompting others on Fox News to circle the wagons around Wallace. Now Trump is stuck sitting there watching people like Neil Cavuto criticize him today. More to the point, any Trump supporters who don’t watch Wallace, but do watch Cavuto, just heard Cavuto rip into Trump. Trump just doesn’t know when to shut up.

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