Donald Trump goes completely berserk after Fox News confirms he’s badly losing

For all the dishonest pro-Trump propaganda and lies it puts on the air each day, Fox News tends to be rather honest and accurate in its polling. For instance, the Fox News poll has Trump behind Joe Biden by roughly the same margin as the other major polls.

This is a big problem for Donald Trump, who tunes in to Fox News each day to be coddled and lied to, not to be hit with the cold hard reality of how badly he’s losing. Accordingly, Trump is throwing a complete fit and accusing the Fox News poll of being fake:



To be clear, Donald Trump’s claim of having a “96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party” appears to be merely something that his handlers made up to appease him. If this supposed poll had a name, he’d be identifying it. The reality is that while four months is a long time and we have to be more vigilant than ever, Trump is currently getting his butt kicked – and instead of trying to turn things around for himself, he’s merely burying his head in the sand.

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