Donald Trump goes berserk after Fox News begins attacking him

Donald Trump was ready to cave on his imaginary border wall last month, when he realized he might lose his racist base if he did. So he staged a month long government shutdown, only to end up caving on his wall again on Friday. Now his base is really upset with him. Racist thug Ann Coulter is viciously lashing out at him, as are others. Now Trump has decided that his best bet is to begin attacking his own base, by going after Fox News.

A clearly exasperated Donald Trump blurted out this on Twitter during his usual Sunday night cable news binge: “Never thought I’d say this but I think John Roberts and Gillian Turner Fox News have even less understanding of the Wall negotiations than the folks at FAKE NEWS CNN & NBC!” Wait, did Trump just compare Fox News negatively to CNN and NBC? Has hell frozen over and someone forgot to tell us?

Actually, it’s a simple explanation. Even the people who want to support Donald Trump and his agenda are starting to figure out that he’s a two-bit con man who can’t make anything productive happen. Trump’s racist base is growing restless with his failure and ineptitude, and pundits like Fox News and Ann Coulter have to attack Trump accordingly, in order to keep their own relative credibility with the base intact. But Trump wasn’t done yelling stupid things.

Donald Trump tweeted that Fox News pundits should “Look to final results!” But they know that because he caved with nothing in return this time, he won’t get a darned thing out of another attempted government shutdown in three weeks, which is probably why he won’t even try again. Trump is losing his support base in real time, and that’s the only thing he still had left. It’ll only make his ouster come much sooner.