Donald Trump just got hit with some really bad news – and it’s coming from Fox News of all places

Yesterday Donald Trump whined on Twitter that 25% of Americans now support his impeachment, insisting that the number was only that high because the media keeps lying about him. Everyone promptly piled on, because according to numerous major polls, the real number of Americans who support impeachment is twice that high.

If the ever-sheltered Donald Trump is this broken up because he thinks a quarter of the country wants him gone, how much of a funk will he go into when he finally gets word that more than half the country wants him gone? He loves watching Fox News, in the hope of hearing nice things about himself. So he’ll soon hear about this latest piece of bad news, because it’s coming from Fox News.

The new Fox News poll says that 55% of Americans now want Donald Trump impeached, while 51% of Americans want Trump impeached and removed. That’s right, the majority of Americans want this guy gone, and the poll is being conducted by Trump’s own favorite news outlet.

Fox News polling tends to end up being pretty accurate, and in no way correlates to whatever far-right spin you might hear on-air on Fox News on any given day. The important part here is that this Fox News poll lines up with the results of the other recent major polls, which means they’re statistically valid.

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