Fox News abruptly cuts off Donald Trump’s speech after he suffers bizarre cognitive malfunction

When Donald Trump held a hate rally in New Jersey last night, it didn’t get nearly as much media coverage as his rallies used to get. That’s both because most television viewers have no interest in what he says during his rallies these days in general, and because Trump is becoming more embarrassingly incoherent than ever.

Fox News did air a portion of Donald Trump’s rally speech last night. But that live coverage came to an abrupt end right after Trump’s brain suffered an abrupt cognitive malfunction of some kind. Take a look at the video below, and see if you can figure out what Trump was trying to say when that jumble of random consonants and vowels came out of his mouth:

We think Trump might have said something like “criminacalukluk” – but really, your guess is as good as anyone else’s. The reality is that everyone randomly misspeaks from time to time. But Trump just keeps doing it more and more frequently, and in ways which suggest that something is clinically wrong with his mouth, tongue, and brain. It’s become so blatant that Fox News is now cutting him off when he begins speaking like a severely cognitively impaired person. Yet Trump still refuses to disclose the real reason he was abruptly taken to Walter Reed Medical Center in November.

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