Donald Trump has total meltdown on Fox & Friends, gives away something important

This morning Donald Trump thought it would be a good idea to call in to Fox & Friends, the Fox News morning show whose co-hosts are all Trump sycophants. The trouble: Trump’s mind is so far gone, his incoherent rambling this morning didn’t do him one bit of good. The potentially larger trouble for Trump: even his Fox & Friends allies now seem worried about being taken down with him.

At one point during this morning’s interview, Trump announced on-air that he and Fox & Friends will be officially doing an interview every week until the election. It’s not clear if Trump was making this up, or if there simply some crossed wires, but either way, the Fox & Friends hosts were clearly surprised to hear about it. One of the show’s hosts, upon hearing the news, tried to push back against the idea, suggesting that it would be better if they don’t commit to such a thing.

There’s no overstating how big of a deal this is. The sitting President of the United States just offered to call in to a morning show every week during election season. Yet he’s so toxically unpopular, and the people in his orbit are so afraid they’ll be taken down with him if he loses, even the host of the most pro-Trump show on television is refusing to commit to letting the President call in every week.

Donald Trump just gave away that he’s so desperate to turn around his failing campaign, his best remaining idea is to call in to his favorite talk show every week. And in turn, the hosts of that talk show gave away that they’re not nearly as committed to him as he thought they were. Fox News has no morals, of course. They just think Trump is going to lose, and they don’t want to be left holding the bag when he does.

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