Donald Trump has berserk meltdown on Fox News

Donald Trump has tried and repeatedly failed to get anyone to care about his border wall. He’s shut down the government. He’s held a prime time address. He’s traveled to the border. He’s stormed out of meetings. He’s posted embarrassing tweets. No one cares. So now Trump has decided to do the one thing he always does when he’s failed: revert to pandering to his base. Even that’s going poorly for him.

Donald Trump appeared on Fox News on Saturday evening and was interviewed by “Judge” Jeanine Pirro. Trump really wanted everyone to watch, as evidenced by his tweet frantically plugging it ahead of time. But based on how it went, Trump should perhaps be hoping that people didn’t tune in, because it went poorly even by his standards.

Jeanine Pirro began the interview by trying to goad Donald Trump into declaring a national emergency to get his border wall funded. That’s not a real thing, because such a declaration wouldn’t get him the funding or the land, and the courts would strike down his declaration anyway. Pirro did him no favors by putting him on the spot, because he was one again forced to say that he reserves the right to do it someday, but he’s not doing it now, which tells everyone that he’s never going to do it. From there it got worse.

At one point Donald Trump seemed to imply that he hadn’t left the White House in “months” even though he left the White House just a few days ago to travel to Texas. He then went and had a meltdown about how he’s not a Russian agent, referring to “James Coney” instead “James Comey” in the process. Trump is so far gone, he doesn’t even know who he’s attacking anymore.