Donald Trump calls in to Fox News, has berserk meltdown

Last night it was formally announced that Robert Mueller will publicly testify about his investigation into Donald Trump’s crimes. This morning Trump tried to come out swinging, by calling in to Fox news subsidiary Fox Business Channel. Suffice it to say that it didn’t go well for him.

Donald Trump was supposed to be “interviewed” this morning by Fox host Maria Bartiromo. But it ended up being little more than Trump rambling endlessly and ranting incoherently, as Bartiromo struggled to get a word in edgewise. Trump dishonestly attacked a whole lot of people during the course of his meltdown, but naturally his primary target was Robert Mueller.

At one point Trump insisted that Mueller “terminated the emails” – a phrase that’s gibberish on its face, and does not apply to anything that actually happened. Trump appears to have conflated Hillary Clinton’s emails with Peter Strzok’s text messages, or something along those lines, though it’s still not clear what was supposedly “terminated.”

At another point Trump attacked his own handpicked Fed Chair Jerome Powell, asserting that “I made him.” We weren’t aware that anyone talks like that, outside of the movies. Powell’s only sin was that he’s been sticking to sound economic policies, instead of caving to Trump’s insistence that interest rates be recklessly slashed in a way that would cause a brief boom followed by a severe crash.

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