Donald Trump’s advisers appear on-air together, end up attacking each other

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller keeps closing in on Donald Trump and his numerous henchmen, some of them have cut plea deals against each other, while others are still trying to find a way to hold their ground. In an unusual move, MSNBC decided to have four of Trump’s Russia-Connected associates on air together this evening. It didn’t go well for them – at all.

Host Ari Melber invited former Donald Trump political advisers Sam Nunberg, Michael Caputo, and Carter Page, along with Trump-connected conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, on air for a joint interview. The four of them initially tried to jointly paint themselves as all being victims of a Robert Mueller witch hunt, but it didn’t take long for their solidarity to collapse, and they quickly began turning on each other.

Corsi and Nunberg began blaming their former friend Roger Stone for their troubles. This prompted Caputo to defend Stone, and to openly accuse Corsi of lying, telling him to drop his “George Washington” act. This came even as Melber played earlier clips of them contradicting themselves. For much of this three-way argument, Carter Page just sat there uncomfortably, as if he’d accidentally wandered onto the set by accident.


When it was finally Carter Page’s turn, he acknowledged that he’s associated with Russian spies, while still insisting that he’s done nothing wrong, and that the Trump-Russia probe is one big conspiracy against him. It’s not clear what any of these four individuals were trying to accomplish by agreeing to this joint appearance – but they all came away worse for wear.

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