Robert Mueller’s four dimensional chess against Donald Trump just got even more sophisticated

We still don’t know precisely why Steve Bannon’s attorney kept making phone calls to ask someone whether or not Bannon should answer each question yesterday as he testified before the House Intelligence Committee about the Trump-Russia scandal. Nor do we know for sure why Bannon, Reince Priebus, and Don McGahn are all using the same attorney in the scandal. But now we’re learning that Mueller has no problem with any of the above – which means he’s either ten steps ahead of it all, or he’s orchestrating it all.

Mueller has informed Steve Bannon that during their upcoming interview, Bannon is more than welcome to continue using the same attorney. That’s right, Mueller is just fine with Bannon using the attorney who keeps making mysterious phone calls while Bannon is testifying. Mueller is just fine with Bannon, Priebus and McGahn being represented by the same attorney, even though the attorney is only legally allowed to do so if all three clients have identical interests in the scandal.

Let’s be clear here: Mueller could have easily forced Bannon to bring a different attorney with him. That’s how these things work. Instead, Mueller wants Bannon to continue to be represented by this mysterious lawyer with his mysterious phone calls and his strange decision to simultaneously represent three different people in the same criminal investigation, even though the three of them are not officially mounting a joint defense.

The most logical explanation, and in fact the only possible explanation at this point, is that Bannon, Priebus, and McGahn have all flipped on Trump, and they’re all working with Robert Mueller. So who was the attorney talking to on the phone during Bannon’s testimony? Who knows? But we know that, for whatever reason, Mueller is totally cool with it all. His gameplan somehow accounts for, or specifically counts on, all of the above oddities. He’s playing four dimensional chess here. Meanwhile, Trump is handing out Fake News Awards.

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