Donald Trump begins building a fortress around the White House in case he loses

We’ve already seen Donald Trump hide in the White House basement while massive fencing was built around the building, a reminder of just how weak and petrified he is. Now that he’s just days away from likely losing the election, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that he now appears to be building an even more elaborate fortress around the White House.

NBC’s Geoff Bennett says that starting on Monday, “crews will build a “non-scalable” fence to secure the WH complex, Ellipse and Lafayette Square.” That’s cute. He’s literally walling himself in, in case he loses. This shows just how much he fears what comes next. It also suggests that he’s become so paranoid, he’s lost all touch with reality.

For starters, even if Donald Trump loses the election, he’ll still be President until late January. He’s barricading himself inside the building three months before he’ll have to leave it. Also, this isn’t real estate. Trump doesn’t have squatter’s rights. If he just sits in the White House until January and refuses to leave, Joe Biden will be sworn in on the Capitol steps anyway, and Trump will just be a schmuck who’s trespassing in the White House. In any case, this all just keeps getting dumber.

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